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Safe Care

Clean Facility LogoIt is safe to come to Montefiore Nyack Hospital, the hospital you know and trust. Don’t put your health on hold because of fear. At Montefiore Nyack Hospital, the best healthcare is also the safest.

Our Hospital has earned a Clean Facility Certificate from the Association for the Health Care Environment for completion of the Pathways to Clean certificate program which includes training and education content related to COVID-19, infection prevention strategies, cleaning, disinfection, sanitation, emerging pathogens, and preparedness for biological events. Montefiore Nyack Hospital has demonstrated its commitment to hospital grade clean, assuring patients, staff, and guests that their facility is hygienically clean and safe.

We’ve put stringent safety measures and best practices in place to protect our patients and caregivers. We treat infectious diseases all the time and we know how to handle it.

  • We follow all CDC guidelines and have established screening and testing protocols for our healthcare teams.
  • Our healthcare teams wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.
  • All patients entering the Hospital are thoroughly screened by a healthcare professional. They are also given a temperature check and are supplied a mask to wear, regardless of their reason for entering.
  • Patients who do not have COVID-19 are cared for in separate areas.
  • Frequently and thoroughly, we clean and disinfect all common and patient areas throughout the Hospital and in all rooms between patients. We use only top-grade agents.
  • Social and physical distancing measures are in place in all employee and patient areas. We also minimize time in waiting areas, space chairs at least 6 feet apart, and maintain low patient flow to prevent crowding.
  • Visitation is limited. Any allowed visitor is screened for COVID-19.

The FJ Borelli Family Emergency Center

If you or someone you know are experiencing concerning symptoms for any serious health issue, do not to ignore seeking medical attention.

  • Anyone suspected of COVID-19 or a respiratory illness is tested and taken to a private area within The Emergency Center. This area has completely enclosed private rooms, including entry doors, where they wait until their test results return.
  • Cat scan, MRI and X-ray suites are sterilized between all patients.
  • Our healthcare teams have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and wear it at all times.
  • Our staff changes personal protective equipment (PPE) between patients.
  • All rooms undergo stringent cleaning and disinfection procedures utilizing top grade cleaning agents between all patients.

Surgery and Outpatient Procedures

  • All patients are tested for COVID-19 prior to any procedure. They are screened for symptoms and risk at the Hospital the day of the procedure..
  • One support person may accompany the patient if it has been determined to be essential to the care of the patient.
  • Patients and support persons must wear a mask issued at main entrance.
  • Separate COVID positive and COVID negative patient areas have been established in the operating rooms and post-operative care units.
  • Staff assignments are designed to avoid crossover between COVID negative and positive areas.
  • The most stringent cleaning and disinfecting procedures are undertaken in all operating rooms, waiting rooms, holding areas, and post-op care units multiple times a day and between every patient procedure.