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How We Protect Your Privacy

Patient Information

  • We respect the privacy of our patients and colleagues. We recognize that we have access to the information of others on a “need to know” basis in accordance with our assigned responsibilities.
  • We take reasonable steps to limit the use of, disclosure of, and requests for health information to the minimum necessary to accomplish the intended purpose, unless otherwise permitted by law.
  • We do not discuss patient information in any public area, including elevators, hallways and dining areas. 
  • We do not reveal medical, clinical or business information unless such release is supported by a legitimate clinical or business purpose, patient authorization or acknowledgement of receipt of Privacy Notice, or court or agency order, and is in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, as well as our policies and procedures. 
  • We maintain the security of all information, including hard copy files and files stored in electronic formats. 
  • We maintain computer passwords and access codes in a confidential and responsible manner. 
  • We report confidentiality violations to the Privacy Officer or those who can properly assess and resolve the issues. 

Business Information

  • Information, ideas and intellectual property assets of Montefiore Nyack Hospital are important to the organization’s success. Information on Montefiore Nyack Hospital’s competitive position or business strategies, payment and reimbursement information and information relating to negotiation with employees or other organizations is confidential. 
  • We will disclose business information only as required in the performance of our job or as we are expressly authorized to do by the Hospital. 
  • We will exercise care to ensure that confidential and proprietary information is carefully maintained and managed to protect its value. 
  • We will not disclose information regarding the institution’s financial performance without appropriate approval. 
  • We treat individual salary, benefits, payroll, personnel files and information on disciplinary matters as confidential information. 

Montefiore Nyack Hospital Notice of Privacy Practices: