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Patient Care

Our Standards

Quality of care

  • Patients have a fundamental right to compassionate care that is provided with courtesy, dignity and respect. We'll provide equal access to respectful treatment and compassionate care to all patients regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, source of payment or other classifications protected by law.
  • We'll provide patients with care that's appropriate, safe and in compliance with applicable professional standards.
  • We'll maintain complete and thorough records of patient information to fulfill the requirements set forth in our policies, accreditation standards and applicable laws and regulations.
  • All individuals employed to meet the needs of our patients will have the proper credentials, experience and expertise necessary to perform their duties.
  • We're responsible for maintaining the integrity and quality of our job performance at every level of the organization.
  • We'll support and promote a continuous quality and performance improvement program throughout the hospital.

Emergency treatment

  • We provide any patient who presents themselves to Montefiore Nyack Hospital in an emergency medical condition with a screening examination and emergency treatment, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay or the source of their payment.
  • We'll transfer a patient only after the patient has been medically stabilized and an appropriate transfer has been arranged.

Patient education

  • It's the patient’s right and the healthcare professional’s responsibility to work with patients to understand and anticipate their needs. Patients are to be involved in decisions regarding their healthcare and their rights in making those decisions are to be protected. Competent adults have the right to accept or refuse available alternatives and understand the consequences of refusing treatment. Physicians are encouraged to discuss available options openly and honestly with their patients so that any potential medical ethical dilemmas can either be avoided or identified and resolved.
  • We honor the right of patients to receive information regarding our policies, procedures, charges and the health professionals who care for them.
  • These standards provide that all patients asked to participate in a research project be advised of the risks and benefits.