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Preparing to Receive Care

Whether you’ll be receiving care as an outpatient (includes diagnostic testing and imaging), an inpatient or an Emergency Department patient, on this page you’ll find all the information you need to help ensure a smooth registration process. 

Please note that many insurance companies require prior authorization before services are rendered. Be sure to contact your insurance company to obtain benefit and pre-certification information before your procedure. You should also verify that your physician has obtained the necessary authorization/pre-certification for your scheduled procedure. Without authorization, your insurance company may impose penalties or deny your claim. You may also be asked to reschedule your appointment. 


For outpatient and inpatient services and stays, preregistering will make the check-in process quicker and easier when you arrive at the hospital.

After your outpatient appointment has been scheduled or your physician has made arrangements for you to be admitted, you’ll receive a call from the Admitting Department to pre-register. If you prefer, you can contact the Admitting Department at 845-348-2383 or 845-348-2384 between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm to pre-register. During this call, we’ll ask you to provide insurance and demographic information.  

Arriving at the Hospital

Please check in at the Admitting Office located adjacent to the main lobby of the hospital on the ground floor. Please be prepared to present your government-issued photo identification (acceptable forms listed below), health insurance card(s) and any referral forms or prescriptions issued by your physician along with any forms required by your insurance company. You may also be asked to complete and sign the following documents:

  • Consent for Treatment
  • Authorization to Bill Insurance
  • Acknowledgement of Rights
  • HIPAA Joint Privacy Notice

If you haven’t preregistered, you’ll be asked to provide insurance and demographic information at this time.

Emergency Department

Patients seen in the Emergency Department will need to present their government-issued photo identification (acceptable forms listed below) and insurance card(s). You may be asked to complete and sign the following documents: 

  • Consent for Treatment
  • Authorization to Bill Insurance
  • Acknowledgement of Rights
  • HIPAA Joint Privacy Notice

Approved Photo ID

Approved government issued identification includes: 

  • U.S. passport, foreign passport
  • State-issued driver’s license
  • State issued non-driver’s identification card
  • When no photo identification is available, a birth certificate is acceptable if accompanied by another form of identification
  • Patients under age 18 must have a copy of their birth certificate along with the parent/legal guardian’s photo ID.

Observation Service

Observation services are often provided in combination with outpatient emergency or surgical services. The observation unit affords patients a place for further evaluation that may be necessary before a final determination is made about care. 

Patients in observation status enjoy many of the amenities offered to inpatients. These include placement in a hospital room, access to television, phone service and in-room dining. Observation patients may stay in the hospital overnight, but observation is actually an outpatient service. 

In most cases, a decision will be made within 24 hours whether to admit a patient to inpatient status or discharge them home to follow up at their doctor’s office. 

Contact Information

Main Number

Pre-Admission Testing: 845-348-2905
Radiology Screening: 845-348-2450
Breast and Women’s Imaging: 845-348-8551
Wound Care: 845-348-7600
Pain Management: 845-348-2243

Pre-Registration: 845-348-2383 or 845-348-2384 
Billing Questions: 845-348-2893 or 845-348-2897 
Financial Counseling: 845-348-2897 or 845-348-2893 
Directions: 845-348-2298